Let’s manage tasks

Nowadays, the world situation has changed drastically due to the influence of the coronavirus, and companies have been forced to change their working styles.
I think that each of the companies that responded to the spread of telework, the companies that could not step in, and the companies that did not respond in the first place have new work style issues.

How about one of them, the task management method?

Communication between employees is reduced, and shared items are not shared well.
I don’t know how far other employees have finished their work.
As my working style has changed, I am worried that there will be no omissions in my daily routine work.

I think that there are many companies that are worried about the above.

What do people who actually work think? Where are the challenges of task management?
This time, I will describe the recognition and current status of such task management.

【table of contents】

1:About the current state of task management

  • 1-1:90% of working people feel that they can improve their current task management.
  • 1-2:30% have never learned task management, 20% learned in company training

2:Information on recommended tool Checkeys

1:About the current state of task management

1-1:90% of working people feel that they can improve their current task management.

Quote:Agileware Co., Ltd.

According to the “Survey on Task Management” conducted by Agileware Co., Ltd. in April 2021 for office workers in their 20s and 40s who are teleworking, “I think there is room for improvement in your task management. Regarding the question, “There is a lot of room for improvement” was 44.5%, and “There is a little room for improvement” was 50.7%, and 90% said that they could improve their task management.

It seems that many people think that the current task management method is not the best, and it may still be possible to improve efficiency, partly due to the influence of changes in working styles.

Quote:Agileware Co., Ltd.

Also, when asked “Do you think it became difficult to manage tasks within a department / team due to telework?”, About half answered that it became “difficult”.

As for task management, it has become difficult to communicate, and the number of new tools used has increased, so it seems that many office workers are having a hard time.

So why can’t we improve task management in the first place?

1-2:30% have never learned task management, 20% learned in company training

When asked if task management ability is an important skill for businessmen in the same survey, 90% answered that task management ability is important.

On the other hand, when asked how they learned task management, 30% answered that they had never learned about task management.

In addition, 20% answered that they received training at the company, so it can be said that the situation tends to be secondary to the company when it comes to task management.
It seems that task management does not even have the opportunity to learn unless you learn by asking your boss or colleagues yourself, or actively study with books.

What should I do for task management?

I think it’s true that even if you know that task management is important, you don’t have the opportunity to learn, or rather you can’t make time to learn.

How can I learn about task management when I often have to deal with work styles that require change?

There are many task management methods and task management tools, but they are complicated and difficult to understand.
It takes time to learn new things from scratch.
Even if you try to manage it with Excel, it is difficult to make it yourself.

There is a recommended tool for you.

2:Introducing the recommended tool Checkeys

Task management tool “Checkeys” streamlines your task management with just one click
It is a cloud service to do.

Checkeys can mainly do this.

Create a checklist for daily work and eliminate omissions in work.
Once you have created a checklist, all you have to do is check it when the work is completed.
There is no such thing as “I didn’t do that!”

Sharing between departments and teams is also reflected in real time.
You can get a good idea of what each department / team is doing and how far they are progressing.
Work efficiency is improved because unnecessary communication is reduced.

Complete with a simple click.
The basic operation uses only one click.
Even those who have abandoned the introduction of tools because they thought it was difficult to operate can easily remember and manage them.

Also, it is free when used by only one department.
It can be introduced from two or more departments at a reasonable price of US $ 2.

Checkeys is easy to operate and saves time.
First of all, why don’t you try it for free?