What is Checkeys?

Checkeys is a task management solution that helps you manage recurring tasks and daily to-do lists intelligibly!

  • Create tasks
  • Assign tasks to members
  • Keep task of a task progress
  • Manage workflow and completed tasks
  • Create tasks
  • Complete tasks
  • Report back to a supervisor
  • Leave comments, if necessary

Improving efficiency of routine tasks

Allows task sharing within a team

Easy operation with just a click

How to use Checkeys

Create Organizations.

  • Create Branches
  • Create Departments
  • Create Groups

To manage the tasks of your Organizations.

Invite members of your organizations.

  • managers
  • staff

To let them do and manage the tasks.

Create a Checklist.

  • A checklist for your tasks.

To manage your tasks.

Start and Do Checkeys.

  • Change Status.
  •  Click on a relevant Checkey.
  • Select Checkers.
  • Leave Comments.

To share your task workflows with your teammate.

Check my Tasks.


  • each Branch
  • each Department
  • each Staff

To summarize the task achievement of each Organization and its Staff.

Connect Checkeys to Slack and LineWorks

  • Notify Checkeys assigned to me
  • Notify Comments

Assign a checklist to members, and manage workflow.

Use Case

Create a Checklist and Assign this Checklist to members

Do Checkeys and Report back to a supervisor

Check out Checkeys and Manage workflow and completed tasks

Copy and Rearrange Checklist

How to add Checkeys to the home screen

If you add Checkeys to the home screen, You can use Checkeys easily on your smartphone.


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