Our story

“What a bother!”This word that I blurted out triggered the development of our program, checkeys.

One day, while I was doing a new employee training, it felt like it was all over again; I actually had the same conversation with another employee not too long ago.

After finishing the training, I came back to my desk and blurted out,

“What a bother!”

There must be some tasks or to-do lists in other businesses like us. Is there any smarter way to train a new employee on recurring tasks? How can we efficiently manage and keep track of tasks when an employee is away from the office? How can we juggle all these recurring, redundant tasks with just one click?

These questions led us to develop/create our program, checkeys.

With checkeys, you can create to-do lists as you wish, and assign them to your team members. You can also keep track of the task progress and manage workflow when needed.

Moreover, members can not only view their assigned tasks or to-do lists but also report back to a supervisor after completing them. It is accessible on a mobile device anywhere anytime.

Here we checkeys can help you better organize and manage tasks with just one click!