■ Perform checks and give feedback to other members and managers

Perform checkies

  1. Open the corresponding checkers from today’s checks (Checkeys to do) or announcements in the dashboard.
  2. Change the status at the top right of the page from “to do” to “doing”, update it, and then start working.
  3. For completed items, check the checked items in the check keys below. You can check the checked user and date and time on the right side.
    You can also add comments in the memo field for each task if there are shared items with members and administrators.
  4. After completing all the tasks, change the status at the top right of the page from “doing” to “done” and update.

Notify other members and administrators of the completion of checking

  1. Go to the bottom of the page, select the member you want to report from the Checkers section, and click “Request to Checker” on the right to report.
  2. If you have something to share with members or admins, enter a message from the comments below Checkers and click Register