■ How to create a checklist and assign it to members

Create a checklist of tasks you want to perform

  1. From the left bar, under “search”, click “create”.
  2. Enter the registered information such as name, branch office, department, and group.
  3. I will put tasks in the check contents. You can add a check key from the button below.
    You can also provide details in the remarks column of the check key if you have something to tell the members about the task.
    (It is also possible to attach a file to the remarks column and share it.)
  4. When you have finished entering all the tasks, click the button below to register.

Assign checklists to members

  1. Select “search” from “Checkeys” and click the checklist you registered earlier.
  2. Select the member to share the task with “select” of “Checkeys start with” at the top right of the page.
    You can also share when the task is to be done by selecting the date on the right.
  3. Click the word “Checkeys start with” to notify you that you have assigned Checkeys.

* Select “search” from “Checkeys” on the left bar, and you can edit the name of the created checkies later.